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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Protecting Your Upper St. Clair Rental Property Pipes

Frozen Outdoor Water Faucet and Pipes Covered in SnowflakesTaking precautionary measures to keep your pipes protected from the freezing cold is essential to make sure your rental properties get through the winter without any unwanted occurrences. Your renters won’t appreciate a burst pipe in sub-zero temperatures. Your Upper St. Clair renters will not warmly welcome a flooded, frozen rental home and damaged things. On the other hand, such circumstances will leave you frustrated with a hefty bill and with all the clean-up and fixes your real estate investment will require. Heat taping and wrapping are just some of the proven ways to prevent frozen pipes.

Heat taping is like an electric blanket for your pipes. It involves an electrical heating element that is bonded to a pipe. It warms the pipe to stop it from freezing. Wrapping a pipe can be executed in various techniques, from plug-in heating tape to pre-formed foam tube insulation that slips on over a pipe.  The kind of protection your pipes need relies on how cold it becomes where your rental property is located and if your pipes are the best fit for heat tape. Outdoor water spigots should likewise be protected with an insulated cover.

Keeping your rental home’s exposed pipes protected is just as vital as the ones that are seldom seen. As a busy landlord, you probably have a full-packed schedule and it would be a bit hard for you to keep an eye on the pipes in your Upper St. Clair home before the weather turns bad. So, what do you do then? You can try and ask your tenants to do the heat taping and wrapping the pipes themselves as that would seem logical and efficient. It may seem like an excellent idea, but it is far from it. Leaving pipe insulation to your tenants will leave your rental home vulnerable to mistakes. Although the job is not that big of a task, if your tenants have no experience at all with home maintenance, then you’d likely end up with ruined pipes instead.

A different way to approach heat taping and wrapping the pipes is doing it yourself. Even though it is correct that insulating pipes is not a difficult job, and that the materials that you need are not hard to find, you should do it only if you also know what you are doing. Anything less, you’re taking a huge gamble with your property. Pipe insulation must also be checked and replaced every year, which adds another possibly time-consuming task to your to-do list.

Of course, with all the property management matters that you have to do, pipes might not make it on the to-do list as frequently as they should. That is why having someone handle it for you can be the best choice you ever make. Real Property Management Three Rivers will inspect and maintain the pipes in your Upper St. Clair rental property consistently, providing utmost protection from freezing and bursting with zero effort on your part. For further information about our property management services, contact us online or call us at 724-804-8254 today!

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